A Checklist In Choosing The Best Wine Store In Manila

What should be included in your checklist for the best wine store in Manila?

  1. Liquor variety
  2. Reliability of the alcohol delivery service
  3. Secure payment methods
  4. Budget-friendly prices

When it comes to drinking a cheap bottle or dependable red wine or a finely-fermented white wine, it’s important to choose the right wine store in Manila for your needs. Cultivating a good relationship between you and your go-to liquor store benefits you in a number of ways. 

For one, you don’t have to go outside the comforts of your own home — whenever you order wine online in the Philippines, your chosen liquor store can get you your favourite bottle in no time at all. Another reason is that good liquor stores see to it that they stock up on virtually every alcoholic beverage imaginable. In this way, any time you feel like enjoying a quiet night drinking a glass of wine or chilling with a refreshing cocktail, you can simply go online and check out your beverage of choice.

But this begs the question: What exactly makes a wine store good? You’ll need a checklist to help you out. And in this guide, you’ll be able to tackle a few features that set a wine shop apart from the rest. Read on!

Liquor Variety

To start things off, the wine store’s liquor variety is crucial in determining if they’re the right shop for you. You’ve probably heard one too many times that “Variety is the spice of life…” and a well-stocked online liquor shop gives you numerous options on different brands that you won’t typically find in a grocery store liquor section. 

See if the store has different types of wines on offer. With Clink for example, you’ll find different wine selections — from the medium-bodied Hardys VR Merlot to the more luxurious, and smokey flavor offered by the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. From the most non-particular to the most exceptionally-discerning wine drinker, Clink has got everything in their online liquor store in which customers can choose from. 

Not in the mood for wine? Just because you’re gunning for a wine shop, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll settle only for this type of drink. Instead, check to see if the shop also has other available drinks, like brandy, tequila, whiskey, gin, vodka, beer, and many more. This is a good sign that the store wants to cater to every type of customer that steps into the threshold of their online shop. 

Reliability Of The Alcohol Delivery Service

As someone who has yet to venture into the world of online liquor delivery, it’s expected that you’ll have your doubts and hesitations about this type of service. Whereas in the past you were guaranteed the quality of the liquor you bought from the physical store, deliveries are altogether a different story. 

With that said, the shop should also have a reliable delivery service. This means that wherever you are in Metro Manila, the store can cater to you. You’ll receive all your ordered beverages at a speedy service, without experiencing any broken bottles or missing orders.

Fortunately, you’ll rest assured in Clink’s delivery services. After receiving your order confirmation through email, you’ll be contacted by a personnel who’ll inform you about your delivery status. No matter which shipping method you choose — next-day or same-day delivery — you’ll be constantly updated about the delivery or any changes to the scheduling, if any. Guaranteed that you’ll receive your beverages in pristine condition as soon as the rider gets to your address. 

Secure Payment Methods

Another worry that you may have about online liquor shops is the security of their online payment methods. You want assurance that any credentials that you submit online won’t be compromised, especially when using these contactless payment services.

Ask your store if they implement secure and encrypted payment methods. This allows you to have peace of mind whenever you’re attempting to make payments from your credit card, debit card, or through a mobile wallet such as GCash. 

Still on the fence about online payments? There’s no need to worry because Clink, the best and most available liquor store in the country also accepts Cash On Delivery (COD). 

Budget-Friendly Prices

Let’s face it. In the past, you used to get your liquor from convenience stores, grocery stores, or even your ever-ready tindahan just down the corner. More often than not, you’ll find that the liquor they sell has a higher markup than the original market price, to make up for the convenience.

Knowing all of the above, you have to also stick to online wine stores that offer reasonably-priced products. You’ve guessed it — Clink is the right one for the job. With year-long round discounts of up to 50%, you’ll get more savings when you buy their products. 

Where a Jura 12 Year Old 700mL single malt scotch whiskey + a 200mL bottle would usually sell for Php 2,599, Clink offers it at a limited-time-only price of Php 2,399. Fancy a Johnnie Walker Black Label Pocket Scotch? Some stores would sell it at Php 580 apiece, but with Clink you’ll get it at a cheap, Php 2,000 6-bottle bundle — that’s almost 1,500 pesos in savings!

Key Takeaway

After you’ve exhausted your search, there’s no questioning that Clink is the best wine store in Manila. With a wide variety of liquor at affordable prices, you can conveniently order your favorite drinks in just a few clicks!

What else are you waiting for? Order wine online in the Philippines now with Clink! Click here to visit our ecommerce shop and see all your favourite liquors in a single page. You can also check out all our sale items and affordable liquor bundles.

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