Chandon Launch in the Philippines

Toast to the premium sparkling wine brand from LVMH group, Chandon. Clink is glad to offer the line of sparkling wines from Chandon in the Philippines!

The Chandon story begins in the 1950s with the intuition of Robert Jean de Vogüé that wine-growing regions outside France’s Champagne region had the exceptional potential for producing high-quality sparkling wines. The Chandon is grounded in France, but it grows deep roots in all terroirs it conquers. Today, Chandon estates from Argentina, India, Australia, China, California, and Brazil, combine the French heritage and savoir-faire with the local characters of liquor making to reach the highest quality of sparkling wines.    

Sparkling wine is a quintessential liquor drunk to mark important events and special occasions across the globe. While you might be spending a large amount of time shopping for the best sparkling wine out there, we have good news for you! 

You can finally get your hands Chandon in the Philippines at Clink. And the best part? You can score all the varieties at an affordable price. Stock up on your favorite sparkling wines without having to jump from store to from when you need to toast to occasions worth celebrating and remembering. 

Whether you're looking for creamy and fruity notes or delicate sour tastes — you can give your taste buds a bubbly jolt with top-quality sparkling wines from Chandon. With different varieties and flavors, you are bound to find one that fits your palette. Read on to learn more about these! 

Chandon Délice: A Delicious Sparkling Wine With Semi-Sweet Flavors 

Chandon Delice

The word délice in Chandon Délice stands for a French word that means “delicious”. Indeed, it does not fall short of its title. Here, the refreshing acidity meets the deliciousness of semi-sweet flavors. 

The Chandon Délice wears an elegant golden yellow color with fine bubbles. On the nose, the aromas of yellow and dried fruits with hints of spices are distinct. With a generous creamy, luscious mouthfeel, the Chandon Délice is full-flavored with notes of apples, citrus, tropical fruits, and nectarine. 

Savor the Chandon Délice on the rocks and add a garnish of your choice like basil and ginger to create a soak your palate in a more refreshing taste. This sparkling wine is known for pairing well with spicy dishes like Thai curry, Cajun jambalaya, and Mexican salsa.

Chandon Rosé: An Aromatic And Dry Pale Pink Sparkling Wine

Hailed as an aromatic and dry wine, the Chandon Rosé offers fresh, silky, and delicate flavors with a fine balance of floral and red fruit notes. The fresh strawberry, watermelon, and cheery proceed through the palate until the finish. 

Though it is not that sweet, the Chandon Rosé is made from Chardonnay and a kiss of Pinot Noir red wine blended well to achieve a pale pink shade with the essence of summery fruits. As a dry wine, it is intended to be fruity and refreshing as well. 

For occasions that seek an entertainer, the Chandon Rosé is essential. It is a delight on its own, for cocktail hours, as well as with a range of cuisines. 

The abundant fruit flavors make it perfect for indulging with seafood, especially grilled salmon and shellfish in paella or gumbo. 

Chandon Brut 

The Chandon Brut is a classic sparkling wine with an assemblage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. It is vibrant and elegant. 

The Chandon Brut comes in a sophisticated pale straw and green hues with exquisite fine bead and mousse. It owes its bright and fresh aromas to the apple sorbet, orchard blossoms, and lemon zest with subtle sourdough notes. On the palate, you’ll find delight in the fresh, fruity, creamy, and well-balanced fizz. It leaves a dry and refreshing finish highlighting a zesty acidity and creamy texture. 

The ideal food pairings for the Chandon Brut are oysters, zucchini flowers, and soft white cheeses to complement the vibrant flavors. 

The Chandon Brut is made from grapes that are harvested from early February to late March. Upon arrival, these are pressed to juice before a light inoculation with cultured yeast. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks with a few parcels fermented in oak vessels for greater complexity, which comprises more than 20% of the final blend.

Following the secondary fermentation in the bottle, the wine has extended aging on the leftover yeast participles. This is what contributes to the overall texture finesse of the bubbles in Chandon Brut. Afterward, a small amount of dosage liqueur is added to each individual bottle. Then, three months of bottle aging sets the course for consuming the Chandon Brut.

Get Your Chandon Sparkling Wine Bottles From Clink! 

You can get your hands on these sparkling wines from Chandon in the Philippines by ordering from Clink! With a wide range of options that are affordable and that are guaranteed made with the highest quality, toasting to occasions has never been better.

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