5 Qualities Of A Great Online Liquor Store In The Philippines

What are the qualities of a great liquor store in the Philippines?

  1. Sells a Wide Variety of Products
  2. Has Flexible Delivery Options
  3. Make Use of Convenient Payment Methods
  4. Offers Competitive Price Points
  5. Availability of Online Website 

Drinking liquor is a significant part of many people’s lives. It can be a great way to encourage bonding with relatives and friends and relieve stress, which is why people constantly seek a reliable liquor store. In the Philippines, occasions such as birthdays and festivals can be enjoyed to the fullest when drinks are served.

Getting your favorite alcoholic beverages has never been easier thanks to the internet. Whether it’s the bottle of wine you have always loved or shots of tequila to ramp up the party — you can now get any kind of spirit delivered right to your doorstep. 

However, the availability of liquor stores in the market has never been more wide-scale. It can be challenging to assess the best one that meets your needs. For this reason, we have rounded up the qualities of a great liquor store. Read on!  

Sells a Wide Variety of Products

From beer, wine, brandy, cognac, gin, tequila, whisky, vodka, rum, to soju — liquor comes in many forms. All these categories also have several subtypes. For instance, wines can be classified under red, white, or sparkling. In another layer, there are choices for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and many more. 

A great liquor store must sell a wide variety of products because everyone has different alcohol preferences. Providing a myriad of options gives customers the freedom to choose. After all, offering only one or two options would come with the risk of not having exactly what customers want to drink.

At Clink, we don’t only offer various liquors from different categories, but we go beyond and provide even extras such as mixers, aperitifs, and syrups. We will take care of all your drinking needs!  

Has Flexible Delivery Options

The convenience offered is perhaps the biggest reason why people order from liquor stores. In this setting, you no longer have to hunt for your favorite bottles and be hassled with getting them delivered. 

The liquor store you choose must have flexible delivery options. Ask the personnel in charge if they can accommodate your delivery needs. Depending on the alcohol ordered and occasion, you may want to request same-day delivery. 

For example, if you are ordering for a birthday gift, you might need to order earlier for the store to get the specific bottle you requested and arrange the delivery process to the celebrant’s address. You and your friends may just feel like drinking on the day itself. Naturally, you would require same-day delivery. 

An excellent way to know about their delivery options is by asking if they can bring the alcohol anywhere or anytime.

Make Use of Convenient Payment Methods

Great liquor stores would make use of convenient payment methods to provide customers a hassle-free shopping experience. Do they offer a plethora of payment options? Can you pay through a credit card, debit card, or cash? Inquire about these concerns because we are talking about your comfort. 

It is also worth noting that the payment methods should be safe. Many hackers can pry on your financial information. The liquor store you choose must ensure every payment option is secured to pave the way for customers’ peace of mind.  

Offer Competitive Price Points

As stated earlier, the market is highly saturated with liquor stores. The competition to gain customers has never been fiercer. For this reason, you should get an idea of the average prices of alcohol. 

A great liquor store would put your best interest in mind and offer competitive price points. In addition, they might have attractive bundles for you to take advantage of. 

For instance, at Clink, we recognize that our patrons constantly seek the best packages for their liquors. We offer sales for low price alcohols such as Yellow Tail Moscato (for as low as P449) Jägermeister (for as low as P810), Jose Cuervo with FREE frosted glass (for as low as P699), and many more. Take advantage of our 12 days of Clinkmas promo and get sale bundles with freebies!  

Availability of Online Website

Thanks to the developments in technology, customers can now buy everything they want online. Conventional brick and mortar liquor stores must now establish a convenient digital shopping experience to keep up with market demands. 

Of course, you would want your alcoholic beverages to arrive quickly and without any hassle. Utmost convenience is what you seek. For that reason, a great liquor store must have an online website that can be accessed easily. Every product must be clearly posted. 

At Clink, you can check our website to have all your liquor bottles delivered right to your doorstep. It’s as easy as adding your favorite beers, wines, and spirits to the cart, dropping the pin for your address, and keeping the good times pouring.  

Key Takeaway

Drinking liquor is one of the best ways to amp up the fun for all kinds of occasions. With a glass of alcohol in your palm, you can also enjoy a much-needed relaxation time. So before you make a purchasing decision, consider the 5 qualities of a great liquor store in the Philippines stated above. This is the key to getting the best value for your money. 

At Clink, we strive to possess all these characteristics. We offer you a wide range of the best liquor selections at great prices. Rest assured that we can deliver your favorite liquor right to your doorstep with service quality in mind. Click here to check the sale collection and score the best liquor deals today!

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