Love Month Special: The Best Wines To Drink on Valentine's Day

Love Month Special: The Best Wines To Drink on Valentine's Day

What are the best wines to drink on Valentine’s Day?

  1. Yellow Tail Pink Moscato
  2. Luis Felipe Edwards Merlot
  3. Jacob’s Creek Classic Cabernet Sauvignon
  4. Idrias Chardonnay
  5. Viña Arazu Tinto
  6. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Whether you’re planning to celebrate the month of love with your partner or simply looking to stay in bed and cry at sappy romance, it definitely wouldn’t be complete without drinking the best wines for Valentine’s Day. Special days demand special drinks, and a fine selection of wine can definitely change your Valentine’s into something extraordinary.

Most wines are made of fermented grapes from a number of varieties like red, black, purple, green, or white. Although the process seems simple — grapes are fermented with yeast and sugar, aged, and filtered to achieve a certain taste — who knew that it could lead to the creation of some of the best-tasting wines on the planet? From sweet moscato to citrusy chardonnays, check out some of the drinks that you shouldn’t miss out on the 14th of February. 

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

Moscato is a wine variety made from Italian Muscat grapes — but the Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is a modern-day twist from down under. At first glance, this wine has all the makings of a fun and refreshing drink. Its pinkish hue is certainly inviting, almost begging you to finally bring out the wine glass gathering dust on your shelf.

The first sip is nothing short of extraordinary. This Pink Moscato gives off sweet and fruity tastes — a fitting combination for Valentine’s Day. Featuring bold flavors like fresh strawberries and red apple, this is one unique Moscato wine to pour on your wine glass during this festive day. 

Serve it chilled, on the rocks, or with a hearty slice of cheesecake, the Yellow Tail Moscato definitely makes for a great party — for one, or two — in your mouth. 

Luis Felipe Edwards Merlot

Luis Felipe Edwards Merlot

For something more sophisticated, the Luis Felipe Edwards Merlot gets the job done. No, you don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy a tasty glass of merlot. This wine is newbie-friendly and can easily get you started off on the right foot for the day of love.

Although merlot wine options are known to sport a moderate flavor, the Luis Felipe Edwards leans more into the bolder side. It’s everything you’d expect from this kind of red wine, and more — it’s fruity and vibrant, with the boldness of spicy plums, blackcurrant, and hints of vanilla. 

Pair a glass or two of this fancy wine with a fitting dish, like filet mignon with a side of sauteed mushrooms. Your Valentine's Day date night doesn’t get any more memorable than this. 

Jacob’s Creek Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

Jacob’s Creek Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

Like the merlot, Jacob’s Creek Classic Cabernet Sauvignon is also perfect for those looking for a fuller and richer-tasting wine. This is the cabernet of choice when you want something “spicier” and creamier on Valentine’s.

This cabernet sauvignon has a full-bodied taste, made possible by an elegant combination of tight tannins and fine oak wood aging. Bursts of spice from capsicum and ground peppers also make for an exciting wine-drinking experience — your spirits will definitely be lifted up by a glass of this beauty.

Jacob’s Creek Classic Cabernet is served ideally as a dessert with your choice of dark, or semi-sweet chocolate — but you can enjoy it with a fine menu of lamb ragu with tagliatelle pasta or even a warm, hearty bowl of bolognese spaghetti. 

Idrias Chardonnay

Idrias Chardonnay

The first Spanish-made wine on our list, the Idrias Chardonnay is the go-to choice for lovers of wine infused with citrus flavors and tropical fruits like mango, lemon, and grapefruit. This chardonnay is as natural as it gets — despite its brut nature, it perfectly strikes the fine line between acidic and liquor-y for the perfect glass.

Chardonnay is also a great wine for beginners. If you’re planning to give your significant other a glass of fine white wine, a bottle of Idrias Chardonnay will do the trick. 

Make it even more special with Clink’s Idrias Chardonnay Bundle! It comes with a 750mL bottle of the chardonnay, plus an exclusive gift basket, wine bag cooler, ice bucket, 2 wine glasses, and a bottle opener. Spend the day together by sharing this gift with your special someone. 

Viña Arazu Tinto

Viña Arazu Tinto

The second wine from Spain on this list is the Viña Arazu Tinto. It’s a delicious red wine blend from two grape varieties — the Garnacha and Tempranillo which have been harvested from bush vines. This gives the red wine a savory, yet fruity flavor, highlighted by aromatic berries with a slight hint of floral.

Although this red wine is rich, its soft tannins make it an excellent choice for red wine beginners. You can enjoy a bottle of this red wine with your favorite meat or pasta dish — fancy a pesto lasagna or a juicy roast beef? It’s also a good accompaniment for afternoon snacking with aged Gouda, Emmentaler, or goat cheese, served with a side of unsalted crackers. 

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

This Valentine’s Day should not be a time to be stingy which is why couples go above and beyond to treat each other to expensive gifts and unforgettable experiences — so why should your choice of wine on this day be any different? Treat yourself or your partner on Valentine’s with a sleek bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label that’s sure to make your celebration livelier.

The Veuve Clicquot is the signature wine produced by luxury winemaker Maison Veuve Clicquot and there’s no doubting it — the bottle design alone tells you all you need to know. 

The taste of this champagne is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a blended champagne with peach, vanilla, and plum aromas that create a balanced taste and feel with an unmistakable Pinot Noir flavor that’s unique for its kind. Drink a glass of this champagne with your choice of seafood or pasta dish for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening date. 

Key Takeaway

Are you looking for the best wines on Valentine’s Day? Clink has a wide fine selection that you’ll definitely love. Wine is arguably the most romantic type of drink — make it even more special by choosing fine winemakers from Australia, Chile, France, and many more!

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