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What are the different brandy for sale in the Philippines?  

  1. French Brandy: Cognac and Armagnac 
  2. Spanish Brandy: Brandy de Jerez and Torres

Brandy is one of the finest spirits to graze the world of alcohol. It is not only easy to find in the market, but it also offers versatile flavors to satisfy every liquor enthusiast’s palate. Each brandy for sale in the Philippines can have a distinct taste with just the right amount of zest, crisp, and sweetness.   

Brandy is distilled from fruit-based wine. This can be made from a wide array of fruits like grapes, apples, apricots, peaches, cherries, plums, and even pears. It is aged in wooden barrels with varying time periods to deepen colors and enrich flavors. Brandy labels may carry the following terms: VS (Very Superior); VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale); and XO (Extra Old). 

As one of the most popular spirits for sale online in the Philippines, a glass of brandy in your hand will have you feeling that all-too-familiar classy vibe. 

Brandy is one of the alcoholic drinks with different varieties, depending on where it is produced and what methods are employed to make it. Continue reading on to learn more about these!

French: Cognac and Armagnac

Remy Martin


Cognac and Armagnac are French brandies made from white wine grapes. While the two have similarities, they also have distinct differences. 


Cognac is a type of French brandy often associated with sophistication. This is heavily due to its meticulous manufacturing process

By law, Cognac can be only produced from 90% of specific grape varieties (ugni blanc, folle blanche, or colombard) grown in the AOC region of South West France, go through a meticulous two-stage distillation process in copper pot stills, and aged for at least two years in  Limousin and Troncais oak. The grape varieties of Cognac have high acidity and low sugar levels, resulting in a distinct flavor. Among the finest liquors in the Philippines, Cognac takes its rightful rank at the top. 

Hennessy is one of the globally recognized brands of Cognac. Boasting eight years of aging, its blends may offer toasty and floral aromas with full-bodied flavors. Savor it neat, on ice, with a mixer, or use it as a base for your favorite cocktail.

Remy Martin is definitely another Cognac brand worth mentioning. This reputable Congnac house has been around for nearly 300 years for a good reason. The Remy Martin VSOP, one of the most popular VSOP cognacs in the world, is blended from 250 eaux-de-vie.


Armagnac is another French brandy that is protected by the AOC region. It is produced in the Armagnac region of Gascony. 

Similar to Cognac, Armagnac has guidelines for grape varieties and production methods. Some of its brands spend up to 30 years in the barrel, though the minimum is one year. Armagnac’s distinct difference is that it only undergoes distillation once in column stills. 

On the palate, Armagnac owes its taste to the partial concentration of alcohol at around 52-60%. It comes off fruity yet intense that is sure to entertain alcohol-lovers with every sip. 

Spanish Brandy


Coming all the way from the Andalusian region of Spain, Spanish brandy was originally developed for medicinal purposes. Its two varieties are Brandy de Jerez and Torres brandy. 

Brandy de Jerez is aged in American oak casks previously used for sherry, while Torres in American and French oak. Both make use of the unique solera system of aging, which involves adding young liquors to older barrels. 

Spanish brandy tends to lean on the sweeter yet fuller flavors compared to other brandy types. Out of the 25% of Spanish Brandy that is exported, the majority goes to Mexico and the Philippines. For this reason, its most popular brands found in the country are Fundador and Alfonso. 

Try the Fundador Solera for a distinct Spanish grape brandy with colors reminiscent of dark oak. On the nose, it offers rich spiced brandy butter with hints of dried apricot, fruit cake, and pepper. A sip will leave you with a lasting thick and creamy flavor. 

Want to lean into the lighter flavors of brandy? A bottle of Alfonso Light is filled with extraordinary character. It is known for its rich amber color, very balanced flavor, and fragrant finish. One sip is enough to tell you what difference an 18-month solera aging in American oak casks makes for the palate. 

Key Takeaway

There is a wide variety of brandy for sale in the Philippines. With all we stated above in mind, take note of the one that is up to your tastes. If you are ready to raise your glass, we at Clink would be more than happy to deliver all your favorite bottles right to your doorstep. 

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