5 Ways to Maximize Celebrations At Home During The Quarantine

What are the ways to maximize celebrations at home during the quarantine?

  1. Decorate 
  2. Mix Drinks
  3. Play Drinking Games
  4. Bring the Party to Your Guests
  5. Cook Delicious Meals 

COVID-19 has forced everyone to make lifestyle changes. To minimize the spread of infection, health officials have asked people to stay at home and go out only if necessary. But, what if you have to celebrate something? Don’t fret! There are still ways to maximize celebrations at home during the quarantine.   

 Whether you’re feeling adventurous or prefer to exert minimal effort there are activities that you can do to make the most of the celebration. Instead of taking far too many naps, you can maximize birthdays, graduation parties, and even bridal/bachelor parties. Read on!


Grab your last celebration’s party streamers and colorful garlands. If you happen to have unused balloons lying around or Christmas string lights in the attic, get them too. It’s time to put your decorating skills to good use. To achieve a cozy ambiance, you can bring out big pillows and soft blankets as well. 

If you have guests that are willing to maintain social distancing, a well-decorated space can easily set up the vibe to get into that celebratory spirit. Even if you don’t have guests coming over, it doesn’t mean your place can’t look nice.   

Mix Drinks

It’s no secret that the best way to maximize celebrations is to drink. When alcoholic beverages are served, it instantly impacts the mood of the guests. Whether it’s gin, rum, soju, beer, whisky, wine, tequila, or vodka — there is an alcoholic beverage that's perfect for each one.

If you want to do a fun activity with your guests, mix drinks such as cocktails. Just remember to ask for the taste preference of the entire bunch. Some might like smooth flavors, while others may want stronger tones. You can never go wrong with these easy to make cocktail recipes: 


For this drink, you should only use the finest tequila brand. Fortunately, you can have it delivered when you purchase from Clink’s wide array of tequila options

The recipe would need only four ingredients namely rock salt, tequila, triple sec, and freshly-pressed lime juice. The first step would be to line the rim of the glass with salt. Then, combine all the ingredients and mix them in a cocktail shaker. If you don’t have a shaker, a tightly-closed tumbler will do. Serve and enjoy! 

Piña Colada

This classic and fruity drink offers refreshing flavors with hints of coconut. For this recipe, you would need coconut cream, diced pineapples, unsweetened coconut milk, white rum, and lime juice.

Put the ingredients into a blender. Blend until it ends up with a smooth milkshake consistency. Pour the drink into glasses and garnish the rim with pineapple slices. Trust us, your guests would feel refreshed in no time.

Play Drinking Games

A great way to make the celebration even more exciting is through drinking games. You might be surprised at the availability of unique drinking games you can enjoy at the comfort of your own home.

Whether you go for hard drinks or beers like a bucket of Smirnoff, you’ll definitely have fun with these games. Try playing drinking games like King’s Cup, Buzz, or the all-time favorite Beer Pong. 

Don’t worry about running out of booze as well! At Clink, we offer to deliver all your alcoholic drink needs right to your doorstep. The best part about it? We are having our 12 Days Of Clinkmas to thank all our valued patrons! Score liquors for the lowest prices and get freebies to pair with them.    

Bring The Party To Your Guests

We all have our ways to celebrate during the quarantine. To make the most out of the current quarantine situation, people are hosting virtual celebrations. 

Numerous online platforms support group calls. With just a click, you can all meet at the same time. If you can’t come together with your friends or family right now, you can bring the party to them. 

As a host, you can even send them alcoholic drinks to amp up the party. Is anyone in your barkada having a birthday and some of you can’t head out? At Clink, we can deliver all kinds of liquor to them. Join the bandwagon because virtual “e-numans” are the trend nowadays.   

Cook Delicious Meals 

Another activity that your guests would surely enjoy would be cooking delicious meals together. If you’re having alcoholic drinks, remember that there are food pairings that are best for certain liquors. 

For example, juice steaks are best enjoyed with a Cabernet red wine like the Jacob's Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet. Smoked salmon will always match with gins such as the Bombay Sapphire. Chicken and beer are considered a perfect pair in Korea. So, you want to try that as well. 

Key Takeaway 

Your parties may be limited right now, but there are many ways to maximize celebrations at home during the quarantine. We hope the guide above has presented you with ideas to make the most out of the current situation. 

At Clink, we are more than ready to make the most out of your celebrations! What are you waiting for? Click here to join our 12 Days of Clinkmas and score your favorite drinks for the lowest prices. Then, get them delivered as fast as 90 minutes.  

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