Celebrate The Night Away With These Tequila For Sale In The Philippines

Celebrate The Night Away With These Tequila For Sale In The Philippines

What are the tequila for sale in the Philippines?

  1. Jose Cuervo Gold
  2. Jose Cuervo Silver
  3. Cazadores Reposado
  4. Casa Noble Anejo
  5. Patron Anejo
  6. Patron XO Cafe

If you have an occasion to celebrate, there’s no better way to make the most out of it than opening a bottle of tequila for sale in the Philippines. Distinct in flavor, it can be drunk as a shot then biting on a slice of lime fruit or with salt lining on the rim. Along with this, you can spice up any party with friends, family, or colleagues by preparing different tequila cocktails. 

Real tequila is distilled from the blue agave plant, which is a spiky plant specifically coming from the Mexican states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Guanajuato, and Tamaulipas. It is a liquor that comes in a variety of colors ranging from clear to rich amber-brown, depending on how long it is aged and the kind of wood barrel used. 

As one of the most popular party drinks across the world, there are five different types of tequila to exist namely: Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo. Each one boasting with different times spent aging. 

There is still so much to learn about this well-loved liquor. So if you want to make the amp up your tequila nights, here are some tequila brands found in the Philippines you should definitely not miss out on. Read on!

Jose Cuervo Gold

Jose Cuervo Gold

Jose Cuervo Gold, also referred to as Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado, is the oldest and the top-selling tequila brand in the world. Back in 1795, the King of Spain granted his son, Jose Antonio de Cuervo, the first official charter to produce tequila commercially. 

This singular event handed down the same experience and hand craftsmanship for many generations to introduce the world’s finest tequila today. 

Sporting a dark golden color, Jose Cuervo Gold is a joven type of tequila made from a blend of reposado (aged) and unaged tequilas of at least 51% blue agave. Give it a sip and soak your palate with a dry yet well-rounded and smooth flavor. On the nose, its aroma is filled with freshly ground peppercorn, spice, and orange peel with charred oak notes. 

The best part about the Jose Cuervo Gold is that its less harsh agave flavor gives out a dry yet well-rounded and smooth flavor. This is then followed by a tang of black pepper, sweet caramel, toffee, and vanilla on the finish. Many find the Jose Cuervo Gold ideal for amping up the fun in celebrations with shots. 

Jose Cuervo Silver

Jose Cuervo Silver

The Jose Cuervo Silver is a blanco tequila with 100% blue agave offering only the purest flavor expression hailing from Mexico. It is unaged and often bottled immediately after the distilling process. 

This crystal clear tequila captures the bold essence of agave that shines through clean and tangy hints of lime peel, roasted agave, cracked pepper, spice, and sugar cane. The finish is quick and light, with notes of citrus. All the mixes don’t dampen other flavors. 

Given its pure taste, the Jose Cuervo Silver is the perfect candidate for cocktail mixers such as tequila sunrise. 

Cazadores Reposado

Cazadores Reposado

Cazadores Reposado is an aged tequila in new American oak barrels, creating a unique woody flavor. Once its 100% blue agave juices are distilled, it is aged for up to a year. It carries aromas of soft smoked wood, radiant citrus, spices, vanilla, and tropical fruits. 

The resulting spirit of the Cazadores Reposado retains the right balance of agave taste with a round edge and less bite. It is great for drinking in dynamic and flavorful cocktails like margaritas or simply sipped neat. 

Casa Noble Añejo
Casa Noble Añejo

The Casa Noble Anejo is an award-winning tequila for a good reason. Distilled from 100% blue agave, it owes its mature flavors to being triple distilled for a full two years in French limousine oak barrels. Patience is the secret ingredient of this tequila to come up with a complex aroma of dried fruits and spice flavors of toasty oak, vanilla, roasted agave, and butterscotch. 

This bottle of tequila has an immensely rich heritage tracing back to the late 1700s. Up to this day, the liquor is being manufactured from the family estate of the Casa Noble line. For tequila enthusiasts that love the long and rich lingering finish of their drinks, the Casa Noble Anejo is the go-to. 

Patron Reposado 

Patron Reposado


The Patron line of tequila is perhaps best known not only for their attention to details and also for their exquisitely classy bottles. The Patron Reposado is a particularly ideal switch for tequila fans who want a bit more complexity and smoothness. 

The Patron Reposado is made from the finest 100% blue agave, carefully distilled in small batches, and aged for at least two months to ensure a smooth taste. With a light amber color, its flavor has notes of fresh agave, oak, fruit, citrus, and honey. Take delight in its light floral and vanilla finish. 

Patron XO Cafe

Patron XO Cafe

The Patron XO Cafe is fascinating for it has a hard to find flavor in any distilled spirit. Also known as Patron Silver Tequila, it combines the grandiose essence of fine natural coffee beans.

On the palate, it is dry and not overly sweet as with typical coffee liqueurs. It is rich with flavors of freshly roasted coffee with hints of chocolate and light tequila. The result is a drink that is spectacular to sip on its own, but also makes a great cocktail mix or a scrumptious dessert addition because it adds that extra kick. 

Key Takeaway

Tequila is one of the most versatile alcoholic drinks found in the liquor market. It can be drunk as a shot with lime fruit and salt or a cocktail mix. Thanks to this well-loved drink originating only from Mexico, celebrations and party scenes across the world have been enjoying the best kind of fun. 

What are you waiting for? At Clink, we have a wide array of tequila for sale in the Philippines to keep your party going! Choose from different types of tequila from famous brands like Jose Cuervo, Patron, Casa Noble, Cazadores, and many more! 

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