A Guide To The Different Types of Whisky

What are the different types of whisky?

  1. Scotch
  2. Irish
  3. Bourbon
  4. Tennessee
  5. Rye
  6. Japanese
  7. Canadian
Whisky, or whiskey, depending on where it’s from, is one of the most famous-distilled spirits in the world. Many people would consider their occasions incomplete without a glass of this fine drink. Matching its wide popularity, there are different types of whisky being produced, and it can be confusing for a given person to tell them from one another.

You are sure to come across an online liquor store in the Philippines that offers this elegant “gentleman’s drink”. Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye are just some of the famous names associated with whisky. While each type is made from malted grains such as barley, corn, rye, wheat, there are distinct differences among them. Pour yourself a glass and read on to learn more about these.


The easiest way to classify whiskies is through their country of origin. Arguably, the most popular types are Scotch. Originating from Scotland, Scotch is crafted with malted barley in oak barrels for a minimum of three years. On the palate, it has a distinct smokey and earthy flavor to it. Scotch is divided into five varieties: single malt, single grain, blended malt, blended grain, and blended scotch whisky.

Single Malt

As its name suggests, single malt is a product of malted barley and single distillery. Single malt Scotch falls into an elite category for having a pure oak-like and roasted flavor. Some of the best single malt Scotch brands include the Macallan and Glenlivet.

Single Grain

The term “single” in single grain Scotch whisky refers to the distillery. Meanwhile, it can be made from more than one type of grain. Wheat, corn, or a blend of the two are the most common grains used in this. It is this type of Scotch that most blended whiskies come from.

Blended Malt

This type of Scotch refers to a blend of two or more single malt Scotch whiskies from different distilleries. A popular brand of blend malt Scotch is the Shackleton.

Blended Grain

Similar to the blended malt, this type of Scotch is made from a variety of single grain whiskies from different distilleries.

Blended Scotch

Blended Scotch is a widely popular Scotch made from one or more single malts that are mixed with one or more single grains. Some of the best-blended Scotch include Dewar’s Chivas Regal and Johnny Walker.


Irish Whisky

Irish whisky is considered to be the father of all whiskey and produced only from Ireland. This type of whisky takes a minimum of three years to age in an oak barrel and it is distilled three times which results in a smooth finish.

Irish whisky is distilled in pot stills from a mash of malt and cereal grains. The fermentation can involve additional enzymes to prepare the starches for conversion to alcohol. One of the most recognizable Irish whisky brands is Jameson. On the palate, this spirit offers the right balance of spicy, nutty, and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry.


Bourbon is a type of American whiskey distilled primarily from corn and aged in new, charred oak barrels. This spirit must be aged for a minimum of two years and does not contain additives. It sports a smoky flavor and has an elegant reddish-brown color due to the fermentation process. One renowned producer of Bourbon is Jim Beam.


 Tennessee whisky

Similar to Bourbon, Tennessee whiskey is distilled in the United States. Its distinct characteristic is down to the unique filtration process known as the “lincoln county process”. The whiskey is allowed to drip through charcoal before going into the charred barrels for a minimum of two years. Jack Daniel's is one of the most prominent brands of Tennessee whiskey. Pour a glass and you would instantly pick up its bold charcoal taste.



Rye whiskey is distilled in North America with a mash of no less than percent 51% rye. The fermentation process takes up at least two years in new, charred barrels. This type of whiskey is perfect for those who want a hint of spice when indulging in their spirits. A great rye whiskey brand is Wild Turkey.


Japanese whisky

Japan made strides in the whisky market during recent years as well. Their whiskies are modeled after Scotch. However, Japanese whisky incorporates a unique flair using an array of distillery sizes. It is typically drier on the palate.

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Canadian whisky is often associated with rye whisky despite not meeting the standard of 51% rye content. It incorporates a larger percentage of corn than rye. To top it off, Canadian whisky must be aged for a minimum of three years in 700-liter wooden barrels.

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Key Takeaway

Drinking whisky is one of the best ways to level up all kinds of occasions. So before you make a purchasing decision, consider the different types of whisky. This versatile drink is produced from all around the world. Whether it’s from Japan, America, Scotland, Canada, or Ireland — there is a bottle out there that is sure to satisfy your palate. 

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