How The Pandemic Is Changing Drinking Lifestyles

How is the pandemic changing drinking lifestyles?

  1. People Are Avoiding Social Gatherings
  2. An Increase in Drinking at Home
  3. A Rapid Demand Surge for Online Deliveries 
  4. The Parties Are Now Virtual  
  5. Fewer Plans for Future Occasions
  6. Drinking Is Becoming a Stress Reliever

If you’re wondering about how the pandemic is changing drinking lifestyles, the topic will stem from the closure of establishments. Along with the announcement of the community quarantine last March 2020, clubs and bars were asked to stop operations.  

Nowadays, people are adjusting the way they socialize in order to avoid the spread of disease. However, there are still some who turn to alcoholic beverages in order to relieve stress and have a good time during the lockdown. As we navigate through uncharted waters, how is the pandemic changing drinking lifestyles? Read on to learn more about this.   

People Are Avoiding Social Gatherings

Before the community quarantine, cities would be filled with party-goers from midnight to dawn. But today, it is inevitable for safety to be at the forefront of most people’s minds. The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed healthcare systems due to the high infection risk it comes with. 

While it’s true that there are bars and restaurants resuming their operations, they need to adapt social distancing measures which have reduced customer capacity. In addition, they are limited to serving food and customers are discouraged from lingering. For this reason, people are avoiding social gatherings as much as possible. 

An Increase in Drinking At Home

Eating at restaurants has long been a favorite pastime of people. It was the opportunity to bond with friends and family. But when the pandemic made this a distant memory, many experiences had to be enjoyed at home. The very same situation applied to the drinking scene. 

Most people are thinking far more carefully about where they drink. Alongside with the closure of bars and clubs, many have gotten used to indulging in alcoholic beverages from the comfort of their own homes.  

A Rapid Demand Surge for Online Deliveries

While most industries have taken a major hit from the pandemic, others, such as the food and e-commerce sector noticed a rapid demand surge. This has led to an increased demand for alcohol delivery as well. 

You would have likely come across posts about online deliveries. Most companies are establishing their presence in social media. For example, at Clink we offer to deliver all kinds of alcoholic beverages you want right to your doorstep. Whether you need beer, wine, vodka, tequila, soju, rum, gin, or even mixers — we have it in store. 

What makes liquor online deliveries ideal is that they enable a hassle-free purchasing experience. According to a report, the average online alcohol orders are up by 20%. The spike is undoubtedly caused by the demand of consumers that are forced to stay at home. 

The Parties Are Now Virtual  

It did not take too long for people to look for ways to relieve the pandemic stress and look for entertainment sources. At least, virtually.

There are numerous online platforms that support video conferences such as Zoom and Google Meet. Of course, people are taking advantage of modern technology by holding virtual parties or “e-numan” sessions with their friends. 

With just a click, people are ordering through and having delivered just in time for their planned online parties. Many claim that it does not recreate the same thrilling experiences during actual drinking events. Nevertheless, most are making the most out of their time under the community quarantine. Some even play drinking games to liven up the occasions.

Fewer Plans For Future Occasions

While most people anticipate drinking alcoholic beverages in actual bars, they also think about reducing socialization in the future. 

According to a study, there are 20% of drinkers who would likely socialize. However, this was outweighed with a 40% response confirming they would not drink at parties even when the danger of COVID-19 has passed and normal activities are permitted. 

Drinking Is Becoming A Stress Reliever

This is why some have turned to drinking. It is well-backed by research that drinking alcohol is one way for people to cope with stressful situations. 

This is because alcohol contains elements that have a great impact on the central nervous system. Drinking can reduce worries and take your mind off troubles. It also gives you a boost in mood and makes you feel relaxed.

In fact, according to Time Magazine, adults reported drinking 14% more than they did during the past year. For adults aged 30 to 59, the increase was even greater at 19%. Women overall reported drinking 17% more. 

However, it is still important to drink in moderation. Consume no more than two drinks per day.

Key Takeaway

The article above has rounded up how the pandemic is changing drinking lifestyles. During these unprecedented times, it is paramount that everyone takes extra safety caution to avoid threats of infection. 

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