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Why should you get wine delivery in Manila for your next girl’s night?

  1. Perfect for last-minute plans
  2. Wide selection of liquors to choose from
  3. Mix your own cocktails
  4. Delivered straight to your doorstep

So you’re planning to celebrate another girl’s night with your friends. Whether it’s been more than a few weeks in the making or a sudden last-minute idea, a girl’s night is never complete without a few drinks. There’s just something unique about the experience of sharing a bottle or two of alcohol with some of your closest friends on the planet. Why not make it even more memorable through wine delivery in Manila

If you and your girls want to go for a fancier and more relaxing night, the right wine selection can easily get things off started on the right foot. Plus, if you fancy other drinks, then you can also choose from a variety of alcohol for sale in Manila, Philippines. Fast, easy, and convenient, having your favorite liquors delivered straight to you sounds so revolutionary — and it is! With wine delivery, you don’t even have to visit a physical store just to find the perfect alcohol. All it takes is a few clicks. Read on to learn more.

Perfect For Last-Minute Plans

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Let’s face it — even the most well-thought-out girl’s night plans rarely happen. You wait several days in anticipation only to have this informal event cancelled. Whether it be because of unforeseen circumstances, too many people backing out, or all of you just decided to stay in and enjoy a lazy Friday night in your own bedroom — the list goes on. 

But if you really want your girl’s night to happen, make sure that you don’t hit up your friends until the eleventh hour. You’ll be surprised, but spontaneous plans are more likely to graduate from the drawing board. You also don’t have to worry about the drinks because a wine delivery is available to you exactly for these types of spontaneous events.

For example, you can simply visit an online liquor store, and choose from different drinks that you and your friends want to try. After checking out your orders, you need only wait a few minutes before the drinks get to you — just in time for a kwentuhan or karaoke session with your closest friends. 

Wide Selection Of Liquors To Choose From

Unless you’re a liquor connoisseur, chances are you won’t really end up choosing an alcoholic beverage that all of you will love. There’s bound to be someone in your friend group who prefers drinking only a single cold brew, while someone else would rather let loose with shots of tequila.

Rather than just visiting your local convenience store and buying drinks that have already been tried and tested, an online wine delivery will give you plenty of liquor to choose from. 

If you’re bored with the usual 100-peso gin bottle, wine deliveries take that up a notch by offering you different selections of wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, brandy, beer, and many more! Choose from popular brands like Jinro, Jose Cuervo, Absolut, Stolichnaya, Bailey’s, Jagermeister, and many more. 

Fancy a fruity Italian wine? The Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is bursting with a tangy strawberry flavor that’s great for beginners. Those with a finer taste might try their hand at a glass of Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon or even a full-bodied Appleton Estate 21 Year Old — you won’t run out of options. 

Mix Your Own Cocktails

 Cranberry orange spritzer.

Hard drinks are best served as cocktail drinks — there’s no disputing this. Sure drinking gin, vodka, or tequila straight does get things going faster, but where’s the fun in speeding things up? Instead, why not cherish the flavor of the drink and enjoy it as part of a refreshing cocktail mix?

You don’t have to worry if none of your friends are exceptionally skilled at cocktail mixing because Clink’s online alcohol delivery store offers budget-friendly cocktail bundles that your friends can simply mix on your own. 

Always wanted to try out a Hennessy Ginger Cocktail mix? You can check out this kit here. For just under Php 2,050 you’ll get a cocktail bundle that includes a Hennessy VS (700mL) and two cans of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. You can also view the recipe online to make sure that you come up with a perfectly-mixed cocktail drink. 

For something more unique, you can also go for the Jagermeister with Tap Machine bundle. You heard it right — 10,200 pesos will already buy you and your friends a Jager Bomb mix with 12 Jagermeister 700mL bottles, 6 Red Bulls, a fully-functional tap machine, and freeze cups, ideal for a group of four. 

Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep

Arguably the best thing about wine delivery is that you don’t even need to leave the comforts of your own home. Drinks are delivered straight to your doorstep — it’s as simple as that.

Go ahead and start off your girl’s night by watching a movie, playing card games, or simply engaging in conversation. Liquor delivery is available to you whenever you and the girls feel like it. More than just that, you don’t have to worry about broken bottles or slow service — you can guarantee that your drinks will get to you on time and in pristine condition. 

Key Takeaway

For your next girl’s night, Clink’s wine delivery in Manila is the way to go. We have a wide selection of alcoholic drinks to choose from, all delivered straight to you whenever you need. Whether you and your friends want to go for a chill evening or a rowdy and unforgettable one, our bundles and cocktail selections have just the thing you’re looking for.

What are you waiting for? Order your favourite liquors now from Clink! Click here to check out our novelty bundle collection. The perfect mix is just a click away.

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