The Ultimate Guide To Soju

What is a good guide to soju?

  1. How soju is made
  2. Ways to drink soju
  3. Most popular brands of soju 

Whether you are a fan of k-drama or not, you’ve already likely heard of soju. Soju is the world’s best-selling drink and its sales have been only continuously growing in recent years. Originating all the way from South Korea, soju is a clear alcohol distilled from grains of wheat, rice, barley, tapioca, and sweet potato. It has a neutral taste as well, making it a versatile drink. In this guide to soju, we’ll delve deeper into how soju is made, the ways to drink soju and the top brands of soju.  

Soju is a crowd-pleaser as it strikes the perfect balance between hard liquor and beers. On average, the drink has about 16% to 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). There’s no doubt that ordering soju from an online liquor store in the Philippines is the best way to upgrade celebrations. But if you want to learn about how to enjoy this well-loved liquor better, you shouldn’t miss out on reading this complete guide to soju.

How Soju Is Made

Soju is traditionally crafted by distilling rice at a high temperature. Unfortunately, it became illegal to distill rice during the Korean War because of rice shortages. As an alternative, Korean distillers started making soju with starchy ingredients such as sweet potatoes, tapioca, barley, and wheat. Even after the ban was lifted in the 1990s, many popular soju brands still decided to use these alternative starches. Sweet potato is one of the most common soju ingredients to date.

Soju originally falls between 40% to 50% ABV, but Korean distillers began diluting the drink to make it more palatable for a wider market. It is said that the older generation prefers stronger soju, but young people enjoy milder alcohol content. For this reason, the molasses produced from barley, rice, and sweet potatoes are placed in the pure soju. Various sweeteners and additives are put into the drink as well to adjust its alcohol content. Today, most soju bottles being sold in the market are diluted. 

Ways To Drink Soju 

Ways To Drink Soju

When drinking soju, you’ll immediately get hit by its clean and neutral taste. Avid soju fans often claim that soju tastes like a less strong and slightly sweeter version of vodka. You may also notice the bitterness and astringency under the drink’s subtle sweetness. Keep in mind that soju is traditionally drunk neat and chilled. It is often served in small glasses that are almost like a shot glass and paired with a delicious meal like Korean barbecue or Korean street food (e.g., rice cakes, fish cakes). 

If you truly want to drink soju according to Korean culture standards, you can do so by letting the eldest person in the group pour someone else a glass using two hands. Make sure to not turn your head and not make eye contact with the server while drinking. Afterward, someone else should pour a glass for the server as a sign of respect. Before you open the bottle, swirl it. Slap the bottom of the bottle before twisting the cap. Then, spread your middle and index finger to jab the neck of the bottle. 

Aside from drinking it neat, you can also drink soju as a cocktail or other mixed drinks. The best thing about soju is that its neutral flavors make it the perfect base liquor for low-proof cocktails and mixed drinks. There are plenty of great cocktails to try —  Yakult Soju, Subak Soju (Watermelon Soju), Bloody Mary, Negroni, Gimlet, and Somaek (also known Soju Bomb which combines soju and beer). 

Most Popular Brands Of Soju

There are many brands of soju available in the market. If you choose to purchase soju from an online liquor store in the Philippines, you’ll likely come across the popular brands of soju because the drink is distributed globally to date. 

Similar to vodka, high-quality soju will not have a harsh alcohol taste. Upon drinking, it should be strong but smooth. So if you prefer to get the best value for your money, keep this fact in mind. Below are some of the most popular brands of soju worth checking out:

  • Jinro 
  • Chamisul Jinro
  • So Nice
  • Good Day
  • Chum-Churum

Key Takeaway

In this guide to soju, we’ve rounded up how soju is made, the different ways to drink soju, and the most popular brands of soju. What are you waiting for? Try the world’s best-selling drink and get to know exactly why it is well-loved by everyone! 

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