Chivas Regal Ultis

Chivas Regal Ultis

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Chivas Regal Ultis is the First Blended Malt Whisky from the House of Chivas.

Chivas Regal Ultis is an uncompromising and visionary expression of Chivas' inimitable style.

At the heart of Chivas Regal are its Master Blenders. Only five have spent their life's work mastering the famous Chivas house style since 1909. In celebration of their dedication and talent, only 5 of our most precious signature single malts were hand-selected for this blended malt. Each one to honour the legacy of five generations of blending excellence.

Distilled exclusively in copper pot stills, these precious and treasured old single malts result in a commanding whisky, characterised by a complex taste, a rich golden hue and a powerful aroma.

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