Chivas Extra 13YO American Rye Cask 700ml

Chivas Extra 13YO American Rye Cask 700ml

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Chivas Regal first landed on the American shoreline in 1909. Taking New York by storm, Chivas Regal was the preferred drink of choice in luxury bars around the city. Despite a 13 year hiatus during the prohibition years, Chivas never left the hearts and minds of New Yorkers – and when the dark days were over, Chivas returned with a bang. To produce Chivas Regal Extra American Rye, the unrivalled Chivas house style blend is aged in ex American rye whisky casks – offering a mellow flavour and magnifying its sweet and delicate vanilla notes. Aging in the cask for 13 years not only allows time for our whisky to absorb those marvelous flavours, but also honours the 13 years of prohibition.

TASTING NOTES: A delicate medley of light fruity vanilla notes, creamy toffee, grapefruit, zesty orange and lemon citrus finished with a dusting of cinnamon.

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