Zonin Chianti 750ml with Wine Opener

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Colour: Bright ruby-red color of an attractive intensity. In its youth, it is richly marked by violet reflections that tend to become garnet with age.

Bouquet: Characteristically intense, fine and elegant and distinguished by an elegant scent of violets and tenuous perfumes of wild berries.

Flavour: Dry, full properly balanced and extremely enticing with lingering acidity and flavors of cherry and spice.

Food Matches

When it is young, the wine combines well with the hearty flavors of country cooking and it can be consumed throughout such meals. After the third year, it becomes the ideal companion of every type of roast, grilled red meat, game and cheeses aged at moderate length.

Enjoy this Zonin Chianti 750ml with a FREE Wine Opener at home!

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Tuazon Carlos

Great tasting wine, but foremost is the deal to have an opener. That is terrific.

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